Zoning Board of Adjustment

RSA 673:3, 673:6 [Appointed in manner prescribed by legislative body]

Ordinances, 37.7, 42.28

City Charter, Section 74:  Mayor nominates subject to confirmation by Council, after Mayor nominates, Council can nominate.  Ballot vote required.

Five Regular Member Board; terms of regular and alternate members changed to 3 Year Terms in January 1984.

Vacancies must be filled for unexpired terms, vacancies filled in accordance with Charter 13.4-13.7 of General Ordinances.  All members must be residents of the City of Rochester (RSA 673:3).

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Board Members

Name Title
Larry Spector Chair (01/02/2021)
Robert Gates (Ward 5/Seat B) Vice Chairman (01/02/2019)
Randy Lavallee Member (01/02/2019)
Robert S. Goldstein Member (01/02/2021)
Shon Stevens Member (01/02/2020)
Leo Brodeur Alternate Member (01/02/2019)
Vacancy Two Alternate Member (01/02/2018)
Vacancy One Alternate Member (01/02/2016)