Planning & Development

The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for coordinating the physical development and redevelopment of Rochester.  This Department administers Community Development programs, including the JOB Loan program, and provides staff support for the Planning Board, and the Historic District, Conservation, and Arts and Culture Commissions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Planning and Development Department is to promote orderly growth in a manner sensitive to community values and to enhance environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Orderly growth.  Through the application of carefully crafted regulations and diligent stewardship, the Department works to facilitate smart growth, including development that creates value and is compact, efficient in its use of infrastructure, pleasing, and sensitive to its surroundings.

Community values.  The Department seeks to serve the wide range of short and long-term stakeholder interests in Rochester and to understand community values through the use of surveys and other information-gathering techniques.  Specific proposals are evaluated within the context of those values and the Master Plan.

Environmental sustainability.  The Department carefully weighs costs and benefits in order to provide reasonable protection for our natural resources, including air, land (fields, forests, open space, and various habitats), and water (wetlands, aquifers, rivers, ponds, and flood plains), while encouraging responsible development.

Economic sustainability.  The Department especially embraces businesses which make a commitment to the community’s vitality by providing well-paying jobs, adding to the value of the built environment, offering choices for consumers, and participating in Rochester’s civic life.

Social sustainability.  The Department works to preserve Rochester’s distinctive identity and to advance quality of life by encouraging investment in social capital and facilitating the health, safety, education, and cultural expression of our citizens.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jim Campbell Director
Seth Creighton Chief Planner
Michelle Mears Planner I
Crystal Galloway Secretary 603-335-1338