Historic Document Preservation Committee


  • Membership shall be appointed by the Mayor from candidates unanimously recommended by the co-chairpersons.
  • The co-chairpersons will solicit additional members from the community who have an interest in the objectives of the Committee.  

Objectives of the Committee:

  • Facilitate meeting the requirements of RSA 33A.
  • Create a strategy and plan for the preservation and maintenance of historic documents.
  • Seek grant funds for the above activities.
  • Include documents in the Rochester Library.
  • Encourage Citizens to donate historic documents to the City of Rochester.

View Documents Online:

As a result of the Historic Document Committee's successful application and receipt of a New Hampshire Conservation License Plate/Moose Plate Grant some historic documents of Rochester are now viewable online.

Board Members

Name Title
Vacancy One Co-Chair
Kelly Walters Co-Chair
Julie Brown Member
Martha Fowler Member
Linda Sargent Member
Becky Warburton Member
Mark Rowell Member
Martha Fowler Member