Planning Board

RSA 673:2, 673:5, 672:9
City Charter, Section 74
Ordinances, 3.5, 41.1, 41.3, 13.6

9 Member Board: 7 Regular Members; City Manager or Designee [Ex-officio]; Council Member [Ex-officio]

Regular and Alternate Members: Mayor nominates subject to confirmation by Council; after Mayor nominates, any Councilor can nominate. Ballot vote required; 3 Year Terms.

City Manager’s Designee must be approved by Council.

City Council elects the Regular and Alternate Council Members: Their terms are the same as their official tenures on Council.

All vacancies must be filled for unexpired terms; regular and alternate member vacancies filled in accordance with Chapter 13.4 – 13.7 of General Ordinances.

RSA 673:6 allows “up to five alternate members”; however Chapter 3.5 of the General Ordinances provides for five alternate members only. All members of the Planning Board must be residents of Rochester-RSA 673.1.

Board Members

Name Title
Nel Sylvain Chair (01/02/2018)
Robert May Member (01/02/2019)
Tim Fontneau Member (01/02/2019)
Vacant Position Member (01/02/2018)
Matthew Kozinski Secretary (01/02/2020)
Mark Sullivan City Manager Designee
James P. Gray (Ward 6/Seat B) Alternate City Council Representative
Donald Hamann Alternate Member (01/02/2021)
David Walker Vice Chair, City Council Representative (01/02/2020)
A. Terese Dwyer Member (1/02/2021)
Joyce Bruckner Alternate Member (01/02/2020)
Mark Collopy Member (01/02/2019)
Kyle Starkweather Member (01/02/2020)