Planning Board

The Planning Board shall consist of nine (9) members including: the City Manager or Designee [Ex-officio]; a City Council Member [Ex-officio]; and seven (7) persons. Five (5) Alternate members and a City Council Member Alternate shall also be appointed. Regular and Alternate Members are nominated by the Mayor and subject to confirmation by the City Council; after the Mayor nominates, any City Councilor can nominate. A ballot vote is required. The members of the Planning Board shall be appointed for terms of three years.

The Planning Board shall perform all functions provided for by Title LXIV of the New Hampshire RSA applicable to planning boards, as presently enacted or the corresponding provisions of any recodification or
amendment of the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated, and shall be subject to all provisions of said Title.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Shanna B. Saunders
Ryan O'Connor (603) 335-1338

Board Members

Name Title
Nel Sylvain Chair (01/02/2024)
Robert May Regular Member (01/02/2022)
Tim Fontneau Member (01/02/2022)
Paul Giuliano Alternate Member (01/02/2024)
Mark Sullivan City Manager Designee
Donald Hamann City Council Representative - Alternate Member (01/02/2023)
Vacant Position Alternate Member (01/02/2022)
A. Terese Dwyer Secretary (1/02/2024)
Mark Collopy Vice Chair (01/02/2023)
Vacant Position Regular Member (01/02/2023)
David E. Walker (Deputy Mayor)(Ward 4/Seat A) City Council Representative - Alternate Regular Member
Peter Bruckner Regular Member (01/02/2024)