Rochester Government Channel

Metrocast Cable TV Channel 26

The Government Channel's Mission is to make local government more accessible to Rochester residents.

New – City Meetings are now streamed live!     Public meetings that are broadcast live on Metrocast cable channel 26 will now be available live through the city website. Close to the scheduled meeting time, click on the Live Streams window. (You will not get any video signal until a few minutes before the scheduled meeting time)

Our general areas of service:

On Metrocast cable channel 26 you can catch live cablecasts and repeats of public meetings, Public Service Announcements and informational programming, as well as city notices posted on the “bulletin board”.

 "Video on Demand" of previously recorded meetings can be found on the web here:

You can also watch videos about City Government and departments on our Vimeo page:

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Celeste Plaia Government Channel Coordinator 603-335-7560