Arts and Culture Commission

The purpose of the Arts and Culture Commission is to implement the Arts and Cultural Resources Master Plan by:

  • Encouraging public appreciation of the vital contribution of the arts and culture to the community’s quality of life;
  • Promoting community engagement with the arts and culture;
  • Fostering pride in the artistic and cultural accomplishments of the present and past;
  • Safeguarding the artistic and cultural heritage of the City;
  • Cultivating the aesthetic, artistic, and cultural appeal  of the City of Rochester to residents, businesses, artists, visitors, shoppers, and other interested parties;  and increasing community and economic development, including tourism, through promotion of the creative economy.

 To watch the 2019 Arts Awards, click here

Commission Members

Name Title
Elaine M. Lauterborn (Ward 2/Seat A) Council Rep.
Katie O'Connor Poet Laureate (07/01/2016)
Amy Marie Reagan Member (07/01/2017)
Elizabeth Tonkins-Agea Member (07/01/2018)