New City Manager's Corner - Land Use Laws (Zoning Ordinance)

The reason the City has the Zoning Ordinance as well as how to request a variance are explained in the latest episode of the... more ››

Fireworks Ordinance Updated

The City Council recently passed changes to the Fireworks Ordinance at their February 14, 2017 City Council meeting. 

Elevated Levels of PFCs Found Near Rochester Business

February 4, 2017

Elevated Levels of PFCs Found Near Rochester Business

New Video on Demand site!

Please update your bookmarks.

New Video on Demand site!
Please note - our Video on Demand service for public meetings has a new look and new home.
 ... more ››

Property Taxes

Property taxes will be mailed on December 8th, and due on January 9th.

New Online Permitting for Building, Zoning, and Licensing Services

View Permit: Online permit application... more ››

Road work on Franklin Street and Western Avenue

Road work on Franklin Street and Western Avenue is scheduled to begin the week of August 8th.  Expect significant delays to begin on... more ››

Solicitations for Private Waterline Insurance

Notice to City Water & Sewer Customers

Notice to City Water & Sewer CustomersSolicitations for Private Waterline Insurance

Street Light Out?

With shorter daytime hours upon us, it is becoming increasingly visible that there are many streetlights that are out across the city.

New Meetings Added to Live Broadcast

The City of Rochester is pleased to announce that the Finance Committee and Public Works Committee are now televised live on the Rochester... more ››

Re-Register Your Dog Online!

You can now renew your dog online. Enter just one of your license numbers and all your dogs will come up for your review. This service is... more ››

Wanted: Used Motor Oil for Recycling

If there is used oil being stored in your garages, sheds, or basements that you have not gotten around to disposing of, please bring it... more ››

City Historic Documents Online

As a result of the Historic Document Committee's successful application and receipt of a New Hampshire Conservation License Plate/Moose... more ››

Water Leaks & High Water Bills

Are water leaks costing you money? Conserve water, and save... more ››