Renew Your Vehicle Registration Online

This is for renewals only.

If you need new plates or transfers, you will still need to go into the Tax Collector's office.

Click here to get started. Then follow the simple instructions.

The turn around time for the e-reg process is approximately 2 business days and is for renewal registrations only.  Please note that this service accepts electronic checks only.  Anyone with a regular checkbook or checking account can use this system as an electronic check.  Credit or debit cards are accepted with a 2.79% convenience fee.

Customers registering a vehicle for the first time or changing plates will still need to visit the City Tax Collector’s office in person.  If there are any questions or problems with this new service, please call the Tax Collectors office at 332-1136.

Please note there is an added cost for this service of $3.00 per registration.