Recreation Advisory Commission

Chairman appointed by Mayor for a one year Term.

City Charter, Section 74: Mayor nominates subject to confirmation by Council; after Mayor nominates, any Council member can nominate.  Ballot vote required.

Ordinances, 21.4, 21.1 (c): Board to be comprised of 1 City Council member, 1 School Board member, 5 residents of the City’ “at least 2 involved in non-recreation youth services”, 4 Year Terms, staggered.

Vacancies filled in accordance with Charter 13.4-13.6 of General Ordinances.

Commission Members

Name Title
Sheila Colson Chair (01/02/2016)
Tamara Hewitt Member (01/02/2015)
Paul Roberts Member (01/02/2017)
Regan Dowe Member (01/02/2017)
Jeffrey Turgeon Member (01/02/2017)
Karen Stokes School Board Rep (01/02/2016)