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2019 Full Statistical Revaluation

2019 Full Statistical Revaluation

New! City Meetings are now streaming live

Public meetings broadcasting live on  Channel 26 are available live through the City of Rochester website,... more ››

Keno Presentation Materials from 8/15/2017 Council Workshop

Please see attachments.

DPW Website Improvements

The Director of City Services has been working closely with the City's Municipal Information System Technician to update the website to... more ››

City Street Lights - L.E.D Conversion

City of Rochester Street Light - LED Conversion Project

Properly Displaying House and Building Numbers

City of Rochester Provides Guidance on Properly Displaying House and Building Numbers

April's Code Enforcement Topic of the Month: Proper Display of House and Building Numbers.    Please... more ››

Salmon Falls Road Construction-Highway Safety Improvement Project

Salmon Falls Road - Highway Safety Improvements
Construction to Begin April 6, 2017
Eagle Drive (Tara Estates)  to Whitehall Road

New City Manager's Corner

New City Manager's Corner - Land Use Laws (Zoning Ordinance)

The reason the City has the Zoning Ordinance as well as how to request a variance are explained in the latest episode of the... more ››

Fireworks Ordinance Updated

Fireworks Ordinance Updated

The City Council recently passed changes to the Fireworks Ordinance at their February 14, 2017 City Council meeting. The City Council made... more ››

Elevated Levels of PFCs Found Near Rochester Business

Elevated Levels of PFCs Found Near Rochester Business

New Video on Demand site!

New Video on Demand site!
Please note - our Video on Demand service for public meetings has a new look and new home.
 ... more ››

Road work on Franklin Street and Western Avenue

Road work on Franklin Street and Western Avenue is scheduled to begin the week of August 8th.  Expect significant delays to begin on... more ››

No City Affiliation - Solicitations for Private Waterline Insurance

Notice to City Water & Sewer CustomersSolicitations for Private Waterline Insurance

Street Light Out?

With shorter daytime hours upon us, it is becoming increasingly visible that there are many streetlights that are out across the city.

New Meetings Added to Live Broadcast

The City of Rochester is pleased to announce that the Finance Committee and Public Works Committee are now televised live on the Rochester... more ››