Wages & Benefits Information

This section contains City of Rochester employee names, classifications and total compensation broken out as wages, overtime, additional payments and benefits by calendar year.  Reflected are the costs to the City for all wages and benefits accorded to employees under the non-union Merit Plan, collective bargaining unit agreements and federal and state regulatory requirements.

Below are explanations of the "Amount" columns.

Total Wages & Benefits - This column adds the Total Gross Wages and Benefit amounts together giving the total City cost of the compensation package received by the employee for the calendar year.

Benefits -  Includes the employer cost of Social Security, New Hampshire Retirement contributions, health and dental insurance premiums or opt-out payments, disability and life insurance premiums.

Total Gross Wages -  Includes all wages as stated below.

Regular Wages -  Includes base wage or salary amounts, paid time off (holidays, accrued leave, jury duty, bereavement leave) and on-call pay.

Overtime -  Payments for overtime including outside detail (reimbursed to the City by outside contractors).

Longevity -  Annual longevity payments for length of service.

Educational Incentive -  Payments made to employees that hold degree levels per collective bargaining agreements.

Holiday Pay -   Payments made to employees that work on holidays specified as paid holidays per collective bargaining agreements.

Early Report -  Payments made to police personnel for briefing.

Travel -  Travel stipends.

Other Stipends -  Payments for categories not noted above.

In accordance with the Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A, the City is not allowed to breakout the detail of the insurance benefit amounts by individual as this falls into the category "invasion of privacy" and thus is considered confidential and exempt under the Right to Know Law (RSA 91-A:5 IV) and the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA).

Please click here for a link to a folder containing the data on a calendar year basis.