No City Affiliation - Solicitations for Private Waterline Insurance

Notice to City Water & Sewer Customers

Notice to City Water & Sewer Customers

Solicitations for Private Waterline Insurance

* Program not affiliated or Endorsed by City.  Residents and business owners connected to City water and sewer services may start to receive solicitation notices from private insurance companies.  A firm specializing in insurance coverage for private water and sewer lines recently alerted the City of their intent to mass mail solicitations to customers.  Please note that this service is NOT a City service and the City is not affiliated with or sponsoring this service in any fashion.

The City maintains and repairs water service lines from the public mains in the street to the approximate right-of-way or property boundary of a home or business.  In regards to public sewer, the City only maintains the public collection mains in the street.  City customers are responsible for maintenance and repairs of the private lines running from their homes or businesses out to the public main in the City streets.  Customers of City water and sewer services are responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of a portion of their service lines and it is coverage for this that these private insurance companies are offering coverage.

If anyone has a concern about the legitimacy of a business or the type of service they are offering, the New Hampshire Better Business Bureau can be reached at Tel: 603-224-1991; or via email at 

We have not received any indication that solicitations would occur in person door-to-door.  Please note that all City employees are issued a Photo ID badge, and should be able to display it on request.  If there is ever an immediate concern, please contact the Rochester Police Department at 9-1-1 for an emergency, or 603-330-7128 for a non-emergency.