What voting ward do I live in and where do I vote?

We have included a copy of a map of the city showing voting ward boundaries and voting locations on this WEB site.  To look at the map you will need to have Adobe software on your computer, which is available for free on the internet.  Please note that the map file is large and may take a fairly long time to download.  Once you have downloaded it, you can enlarge it by clicking on the "+" button.  You will need to enlarge it several times in order to be able to read the street names.  Voting locations are shown by a large star on the map and the addresses are shown on the legend in the lower right corner of the map.  If you still have questions, please feel free to call the Clerk's office at 332-2130.  To download the map click here. To download a Street to Ward directory, click here.

Polling Places and Times

Ward 1:  East Rochester School
773 Portland Street, East Rochester

Ward 2:  St. Mary's Parish Center
71 Lowell Street, Rochester

Ward 3:  Gonic School
10 Railroad Avenue, Gonic

Ward 4:  McClelland School
59 Brock Street, Rochester

Ward 5:  Rochester Community Center [Chestnut Hill Road Entrance]
Community Way, Rochester

Ward 6:  Elks Lodge #1393
295 Columbus Avenue, Rochester

In accordance with RSA 659:4, all polling places shall be open from 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., on said Election Day(s).