Starting or Expanding a Business? Start here!

We highly recommend that you contact the Economic & Community Development Office to learn about business resources and incentives that will help your business grow. 

Please call (603) 335-7522 or email to connect with our Economic Development Specialist, Jenn Marsh.  This department is here to help you go over your business, marketing, and financing plans, and to take advantage of the benefits of growing your business in Rochester!  Or visit!

We appreciate your interest in opening a business in the City of Rochester and would like to make the application process as simple and pleasant as possible.  The first step in our application process is the project narrative form (previously called the letter of intent).  This form serves as a means for you to communicate with the Planning Department in writing about what you plan to do with the property.  In addition, this narrative allows the Planning Staff to determine what (if any) review procedure is appropriate.

Because this narrative is the primary means of determining the scope of the site review that will need to take place, it is important that it contain enough information for a determination to be made.

When you have completed the project narrative form, you can mail it to the address below, drop it off at the Planning Department, fax it to us at (603) 335-7585, or e-mail it to:

We appreciate your interest in opening a business in Rochester, and wish you the best of luck with your project.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office at (603) 335-1338 should you have any questions.

** Please note, most project narratives move through the process very quickly - however, some could take up to two weeks to process depending upon the level of review and staff case load.

Planning & Development Department
City Hall - Second Floor
31 Wakefield Street
Phone (603) 335-1338
Fax (603) 335-7585

Economic & Community Development Office
Community Center - First Floor
150 Wakefield Street
Phone (603) 335-7522
Fax (603) 335-7595


What next?

After your project narrative form has been reviewed we will contact you. 

Your business project will likely fall under one of these three categories: Administrative Review, Minor Site Review, and Major Site Review.

You may be requested to complete one or more of these forms.