Online Permitting:

The City of Rochester has adopted online permitting. With our new portal you can apply for permits, request inspections, and look up permits or licenses on any address in Rochester. 

Currently the permits we have available online are as follows:

  • Building Permit 
  • Electrical Permit
  • Plumbing Permit
  • Mechanical Permit
  • Fire Alarm System Permit
  • Fire Suppression Permit
  • Sprinkler System Permit
  • Food Establishment License 

We ask that you fill out all applicable information and attach any and all building plans, etc. that go along with the application. Inspection requests require 48 hours notice. 

When using a credit card there is a surcharge of 2.2% plus $0.30. However, you can always pay in person during office hours after applying online. *We do not review applications until payment is received.* 

Get started here: View Permit 

Paper Permitting:

Permit Name:Used For:PDF Format
Building-MajorAll aspects of commercial and new dwellings. Major Building Permit
Building-MinorMiscellaneous items such as residential alterations or additions, sheds, garages decks, fences, pools, hot tubs, roofing, siding, windows/ doors, etc. Minor Building Permit
DemolitionRemoval of buildings and structures.Demolition Permit
ElectricalAll electrical work.Electrical Permit
Fire - Sprinkler, Alarm, and SuppressionFire Protection Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Fire Suppression Systems.
Please see Rochester Fire Department's Website for additional Fees and Requirements
Fire Protection Permit
MechanicalMechanical work such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, tank installation, furnaces, boilers, gas line/piping work.Mechanical Permit
PlumbingAll plumbing work.Plumbing Permit
SignsSigns - Pole, Wall, Projecting, and Portable TypesSign Permit


$10.00 Application Fee
$10.00 Additional Fee for Construction Value up to $1,000
$9.00 per thousand for Construction Value over $1,000 or any fraction thereof.

Example: $3,400.00 of construction would be computed as $9 x 4 (3.4 rounded up) = $36.00, $36.00 + $10.00 (application fee) = $46.00. The cost of the permit with all fees would be $46.00.

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