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Enforcement Of Housing Complaints / Violations

At the time a complaint is filed regarding alleged violations in rental dwelling units, the tenant shall be required to notify the property owner or management company of all alleged deficiencies via registered mail, with the Department of Building, Zoning, and Licensing Services carbon copied, the notice from the tenant shall include a reasonable period of time (14 days) for the property owner or management company to make any required corrections.

The requirement that the tenant notify the property owner or management company shall be waived in emergency situations, i.e. no heat, power or water. These complaints shall be processed and investigated as soon as possible.

Where the alleged violation is not in plain sight, therefore necessitating entrance into a private dwelling, building, or onto private property, care shall be taken to obtain permission from the property owner or an adult having legal control and authority over the building or premises.

Once a violation has been validated, enforcement shall be in accordance with The Guide to District Court Enforcement of Local Ordinances and Codes, as prepared by the New Hampshire Bar Association and updated March 2001 by The Municipal and Governmental Law Section Members.

The complaintant shall be notified as to the Inspectors findings either verbally or in writing and this notification shall be duly noted on the complaint form.

Complaint Form 

We do not give legal advice, so for your reference we have the state RSA on landlord/tenant rights. RSA 540-A  

File a petition under RSA 540-A to the courts. Petition