Property Assessment Records

Web Pro at Patriot Properties

Webpro is updated twice a year to match the June and November/December tax bills. 

Please refer to the date on Webpro to confirm the most recent update.  For more up to date information, you may look up property assessments on AxisGIS

Use of the Property Assessment Records database requires acceptance of "cookies"

The intended use of this data is only for assessing purposes. Questions regarding legal use of the property should be directed to the Building, Zoning and Licensing Services Dept

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Searching Tips (Less is Better)

To Search by STREET - Enter the name of the street only without a street number.  Do not enter St or Street, etc.  For example: enter WAKEFIELD for Wakefield Street, Then select the one you want from the list. For South Main Street, enter SO MAIN.  For North Main Street, enter NO MAIN.

To Search by OWNER - Enter the last name only.  If your search is unsuccessful, try varying the spelling or entering the first 4-5 letters of the name.  For example: enter SMIT for Smith, then select the one you want from the list

To Search by MAP & LOT -  These are formatted as 0000-0000-0000. For example, if you are looking for Map 112 lot 12, enter 0112-0012-0000, or you can enter 0112-0012 and a list will appear that has every map & lot that starts with this number.

Click the CLEAR FORM button before creating a new search.