Cyclical Review of Properties

What is a Cyclical Review?

A systematic house by house, neighborhood by neighborhood review of each property to verify that the information in each assessment record matches the property.

How often will the Assessing Department Review my property?

This is a revolving program that starts back at the first property reviewed when the last property has been reviewed. The cycle typically takes five years to complete.  In addition to the cyclical review, the assessing department receives copies of all building permits and reviews properties with permits during the winter months.

Will this review change my property value?

Only if the information in the assessing records does not match the property being reviewed. For example, our record indicates that the property has no deck and the property has an attached deck. Or, we have the property in good condition and the property has not had adequate maintainance.

Who will be reviewing my property?

The field staff are employees of the city and certified by the NH Department of Revenue Administration. They always arrive in clearly marked vehicles and have proper identification.