2017 Statistical Update

The City of Rochester’s Assessing Office is responsible for monitoring market activity to ensure that property assessments are reflective of market value.  Our last revaluation of assessed values was completed in 2014.  This office has just completed a full statistical update of all property values within the City, effective April 1, 2017.

The update is based upon an analysis of recent market sales.  However, other changes to assessments may occur as a result of permits, abatements and cyclical inspections.

Sales used for the statistical update are available in the attachment below. 

In the end, if you believe that the final assessment overstates the current market value of your property, then you must wait until after you receive your fall tax bill and then file for an abatement with the Assessing Office no later than March 1st, 2018. 

Please keep in mind that new assessments do not include any exemptions or credits but do include ‘current use’ valuations.  If you currently qualify for an exemption or credit, it will be applied to your tax bill, as in the past. 

Tax bills will be mailed sometime in late November or early December based upon the revised assessments and multiplied by the new tax rate.  The tax rate for the 2017 tax year has not yet been established, but will be published once it is set by the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Revenue Administration in October or November.  Please do not calculate your taxes by using the prior year’s tax rate.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this important process.


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