Arena Advisory Commission

Chairman appointed by Mayor for 1 Year Term [Chapter 3.13(b)].

(Initially elected by Council 6/24/91; terms established 9/3/91 upon passage of Ordinance establishing Commission [Chapter 3]).

Ordinance 3.13: Board to be comprised of 7 members, all residents of Rochester, except that up to two members may be non-residents of the City provided that at the time of their election such individuals are associated with communities or organizations utilizing the Rochester Arena facilities.  Elected members serve 3-year terms.

City Charter, Section 74: Mayor nominates subject to confirmation by Council; after Mayor nominates, any Councilor can nominate.  Ballot vote required.

Vacancies are filled in accordance with Chapter 13.4-13.7 of the General Ordinances.

Commission Members

Name Title
David Anctil Chair (01/02/2018)
Dale Bickford Member (01/02/2018)
Robert W. Brown Member (01/02/2016)
Richard Clough Member (01/02/2016)
David Colson Member (01/02/2016)
Kevin Barry Member (01/02/2017)
Joan Cadorette-Strogen Member (01/02/2017)