Household Hazardous Waste Collection

May 6, 2017 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Turnkey Landfill, 90 Rochester Neck Road, Rochester

Participating communities in the Household Hazardous Waste Day include:
Barrington, Farmington, Milton, Middleton, New Durham, Northwood, Rochester, Somersworth, Strafford, Wakefield

You can bring up to 10 gallons of the following to the HHW Day Site:
House and Garden Products:
Weed killer, fertilizers, no-pest strips, ant spray and baits, bug and rodent-sprays, poisons, flea repellents, shampoos, bug sprays, houseplant, insecticides, oven cleaners, drain, toilet cleaners, wood/metal cleaners and polishes, rug cleaners, bleach, pool chemicals, tub/ tile and shower cleaners, button cell and lithium batteries.
Garage Products:
Car wax and polish, fuel additives, carburetor/fuel injector cleaners, air conditioning refrigerants, starter fluids, creosote, antifreeze, transmission and brake fluid.
Workshop/Painting Products:
Oil or enamel based paint stains and finishes, paint strippers and removers, photographic chemicals, fixatives, adhesives, glues or other solvents.

Items NOT Accepted at the Collection Day Site:
Fluorescent Light Bulbs:
Bring fluorescent light bulbs back to the place of purchase also check with local stores including Home Depot, Lowes and Rockingham Electric.
Latex Paint:
Use the paint or open can and let paint dry. You may put an absorbent material such as shredded newspaper or kitty litter in it to dry faster. Discard can in regular trash.
Motor Oil:

The Public Works Department is open Monday-Friday 7AM-3PM (summer hours 6AM-2PM) an uses the used motor oil to heat our facility.  Please stop in during these hours and we will be open on 5/6/17   8:30am -12:30pm for your convenience.
The Rochester Public Works Department is located at 45 Old Dover Road
Rochester residents may take a limit of 4 tires per visit to the Turnkey Landfill. Check with your community for the disposal center nearest you.
Computers, Monitors and Televisions:
Rochester residents may bring computers, monitors and televisions to Turnkey Landfill. Check with your community for the disposal center nearest you.
Zinc Carbon and Alkaline Batteries:
Batteries sold after May 1996 are non-hazardous and can be placed in the trash.
Recyclable Batteries:
Lowes in Rochester may take batteries also check with other local electronics stores for disposal.
Car Batteries:
Most places that sell car batteries will take them back.
Propane Tanks:
Usually you can return to a place that sells them.
Any questions please call the Public Works Department at 603-332-4096.